Hosting & Domain Name Consultation

Our background does not stop at web design, we offer advice on Domain registration and hosting sites. We do the work based on your cost and need. I've worked with various hosting sites and managed to narrow the best sites down to a select few. Don't risk paying for what you don't need.

Your company domain name is a large reflection of who you are as a business.
The shorter your domain name, the more likely it is that it is easier to remember, quicker to type in, and faster for the search engines to see your content. Every character counts! Make your domain compact.
Avoid abbreviating words in your domain name.. that's a common way to make short domains harder to remember than they need to be.
Avoid dashes.. They can make the difference between someone finding you or finding your competition
If your domain contains dashes then well it should contain some PRIME keywords in it to justify the damage it will cause to people trying to find your site.
People (Potential Customers) turn to the internet when they are looking for information. A good domain name can make it easier for people to find you on the internet through search engines and direct traffic.

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